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  • Interview zu "GELÄUT" mit Yvonn Scherrer für den SRF

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  • Konzerte mit Caixa Cubo

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October 2024
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Wed, 23.10.
  • CCJO Artist in Residence 2024

© Gerd Jordan -
Matthias Schriefl, born 1981 grew up in Maria Rain, located at the edge of the Alps. From 2000 until 2005 he studied in Cologne and Amsterdam. Ever since 2006 he organizes the concert series Jazz-O-Rama at the Art-theater in Cologne. Followed by the tours with his Band Shreefpunk as „Rising Star”, of the European Concert Hall Organization from 2008 until 2010 in Europe’s great concert halls. After this tour, he decided to experience foremost with alpine music. In 2012, ACT released a series of „Young German Jazz“, with the repeatedly awarded album “Six, Alps & Jazz”. From then on, new CD-recordings with various bands in which he, as musician and composer wrote the compositions, fitting his fellow musicians like neoprene suits. Schriefl, is mostly living in Cologne and at times in the German Alpine region. His musical curiosity is leading him time and again to lengthy educational trips through India and various African and South-American countries where he studied their music traditions. In 2016, his versatile engagement was rewarded with the World-Music Award RUTH in Rudolstadt. In 2019 he won the New German Jazz Prize twice in Mannheim, the Band Prize with his band Shreefpunk plus Strings and the Soloist Prize and is thus still the last reigning winner of that competition. In 2023 he was won the German Jazz Prize as the best Brass Instrumentalist. The Jury wrote: "Matthias Schriefl stands out in the German jazz scene for his unconventional musical vision. With his unmistakable originality and his courageous approach in the interpretation of standards, but also in the realization of his own compositions influenced by alpine sounds, he shows himself to be an outstanding instrumentalist with an intoxicating spirit all his own. His improvisational talent and interplay with other musicians are outstanding, which is reflected not least in his recordings. On his current album „Geläut“ Schriefl convinces all along the line as a refreshing, innovative musician who is first and foremost a pleasure to listen to and at the same time makes you marvel at the new garments in which jazz can be wrapped again and again." He knows and loves big venues but values also the regular concert locations in smaller, rural areas where he presents his jazz to the local audiences.

Awards and honors:
• 2006 WDR-Jazz-award for improvisation
• 2008 Announced as Rising Star“, recommended by the Cologne Philharmonic
• 2008 NRW Promotion Price for compositions, conducting, instrument music
• 2012 German records award
• 2016 World music award RUTH in
• 2019 neuer deutscher Jazzpreis - Band-Prize with Shreefpunk and Soloist-Prize
• 2020 sponsorship BTHVN 2020 - project "Jazz, Jam & Beethoven"
• 2021 sponsorship Musikfonds - project "Geläut"
• 2023 Deutscher Jazzpreis in the Category Brass instrumentalists

“Schriefls art offers adventure and invites us to a new way of listening”
The Jury Promotion Price NRW for composition, leadership, instrumental-music

„Powerful and of beautiful sound plus cultivated ensemble playing“, FAZ

a view more press commentaries you can find here ->pdf

  • Matria

    Susanna Heraucourt

    “Mountain-Music, creating the most beautiful echo from the audience.” Ssirus W. Pakzad, Jazzthing

    Creative, smart, up-to-date. Exciting suspense among the audience about what to expect when during this musical travelling around the world, a musician from the Alpine Region meets a yodeling blues from New Orleans. Or a Hip Hop, or whatever.

    more ››
  • Geläut

    Foto: Gerhard Richter

    Those who move through big cities rarely experience silence. Today, the ringing of our cell phones, alarm bells, break bells and Zen apps set the pace in life, while the ringing of churches is barely noticeable in the noise of everyday life. The church bells - in the center of every town, every village, every person - have been the metronomes for centuries, according to whose rhythm life danced.

    more ››
  • Shreefpunk

    Thomas J Krebs

    The „Enfant terrible of German Jazz“ Goethe-Institut.

    Shreefpunk is a working band founded in 2003 by Matthias Schriefl. On the prior to their last CD, they played with Django Bates and for their last one they engaged a full Big Band. Among other, the musicians like to play unplugged and at other times with classical string ensembles.

    more ››
  • Multiorchester

    Daniel Wetzel

    “Tradition, innovation and an excessively over-boarding playing fun turn into a high quality and full of fantasy symbiosis.“ The RUTH-Jury
    Schriefl´s new multi-orchestra consists of 14 musicians and a multitude of instruments. The Band plays Matthias Schriefl’s new compositions which are in parts based on alpine and Alemannian folk music but also revealing elements of modern classic.

    more ››
  • Six, Alps & Jazz


    „Perfect snack time for open ears and a soulful music“ – as described by Wolfgang Puschnig. “Symphonic Alp-horn glowing” , which would also be a suitable title for the music spectacle by this sextet formation of multi-instrumentalists, bringing along more than 30 different brass and woodwind instruments, proofing that folk music is also Jazz and Jazz is also folk music.

    more ››
  • Moving Krippenspielers

    Friedhelm Grosse

    “It’s amazing how eight musicians, not depending upon musical or any other limits, manage to follow the credo „The Church must be modernized” with on craziness bordering amount of sheet music." Bettina Schack NRZ
    A Christmas interpretation like you´ve never heared before. Balkan meets Jazz meets Schlager meets Pop meets Ska meets Punk meets Samba meets Afro-Beat.

    more ››
  • Amithias

    Philip Herzhoff

    ” Certainly your ears and soul need these kinds of music to bring harmony through arts among today’s people.” BC Manjunath
    Schriefl, when still a youngster, was invited by the famous saxophone player, Charlie Mariano for a mutual cooperation with the Karnataka College of Percussion, which led Schriefl to a more intensive study of Indian music.

    more ››
  • Aaapuz

    Gerhard Richter

    On a daily basis are we confronted with the media distribution of horrible news: Google and NSA are collecting our personal data, tactonic plates are moving, corrupt politicians everywhere, Saudi-Arabia‘s troups need new weapons immediately and Facebook is often posting stupid comments. And last but not least, the German Ladies Football Team is rarely taking advantage of standard situations.

    more ››
  • Netnakisum & Matthias

    Ralf Dombrowski

    “Despite their love for folk music, they never think in categories but prefer to produce absolutely great music.“ TBS
    Groovy yodel, soul-rock escapades and flower jazz … Trumpet, Violin, Viola, Cello and lots of fun when playing. The combined sound and synergy of three string and one brass instruments produce an unexpected world of sounds.

    more ››
  • Brazilian Motions

    Eberhard Rapp

    “… the audience showed their enthusiasm and wouldn’t let the musicians off the stage.” Vera Marzinski/Ruhrjazz
    The dynamic jazz trumpet player, Matthias Schriefl presents with his band project „Brazilian Motions" compositions of many Brazilian styles like Bossa and Samba to swing. The band’s new program is all about the topic, Mary. Patricia Cruz created Brazilian lyrics, based on the themes around Mary.

    more ››
  • Duo Schriefl / Bär

    Gerhard Richter

    ****A duo that plays the following instruments together: trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet, alphorn, horn, bass flugelhorn, trombone, euphonium, ophicleide, tuba - depending on what fits on the stage. Johannes, also known as the Vorarlberg problem bear, will play around wildly and violate all the rules of cultivated bear necessities in order to compete in an alphorn duel with the Allgäuer Mountain-Yeti Schriefl.

    more ››
  • Schlagerparty

    Michael Lukaszewski

    “With selected pieces from Bossa Nova up to David Hasselhoff he chased wildly through the style centrifuge and performed the definitely funniest concert.” Oliver Hochkeppel, NMZ
    Yes indeed, with this band, life is a musical request program. With many of these German hits one discovers a totally new experience since they are saturated with a refinement in language as well as music, hardly ever found in Radio Hits.

    more ››
  • Duo Schriefl / Wegscheider

    Medienbüro Ralf Dombrowski

    “Ignoring any existing borders turns here into pure pleasure and serious joy.” Music Austria
    A comfortable sound from the Alpine region with jazz tradition or is it an attack on the usual listening with Alpine horn and accordion? A new jazz style from Tyrol and the Alpine region?

    more ››
  • Schriefl-Rummel

    Gerhard Richter

    “For Jazz it’s not a matter of what one plays but rather how one plays”, the genius pianist Bill Evans once said. Following this statement, Matthias Schriefl and Simon Rummel decided to discover the musical potential of the European music history.

    more ››
  • Solo

    Gerhard Richter

    “His music is very "REAL". That is to say it is deeply honest, sensitive, humorous, and adventurous.” Bobby Shew.
    Unheard of monologue! Matthias Schriefl’s solo program consists of free improvisations, own compositions, Jazz-standards, Pop hits and Alpine folk melodies. The Schriefl solo program consists of free improvisations, own compositions, Jazz-standards, Pop pieces and Alpine folk melodies.

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  • 17.07.2023

    ein sehr begeisterter Artikel über zwei wunderbare Konzerte beim Musiksommer in Altensteig!

  • 03.07.2023

    Nachdem wir ein erstes Mal als "Kabarett-Duo" auftraten, kam gerade unsere einzige einstudierte Kabarett-Nummer nicht beim Kritiker an, auch weil wir die Dialekte natürlich bewusst übertrieben. Aber Hauptsache, dem Publikum hat's gefallen - und die Musik kam ja auch beim Kritiker gut an!

  • 19.08.2022

    "Das schöne Allgäu" hat ein Porträt von mir gemacht mit einem ausführlichen Interview über 7 Seiten.

  • 18.05.2022

    Hier findet ihr den Flyer für die zFuaß-Tour und alle Details zu den Strecken, die wir wandern werden!

  • 12.07.2021

    Wenn Komponisten Komponisten interviewen...

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