On a daily basis are we confronted with the media distribution of horrible news: Google and NSA are collecting our personal data, tactonic plates are moving, corrupt politicians everywhere, Saudi-Arabia‘s troups need new weapons immediately and Facebook is often posting stupid comments. And last but not least, the German Ladies Football Team is rarely taking advantage of standard situations. How absolutely wonderful and enjoyable is the formation of this surprising new band which may heal all open wounds.
The answer (AAAPUZ) covers with straight-lined grooves any up-to-date and covered-up polyrthm concepts. While others rest in a monotonous silence, is this one presenting harmony and where hatred reigned, the peak is climbed here with pioneer scales, thus securing with brave intervalls the bridges across deep ditches. Fearless of uncomfortable bars and distorting muscles and sounds, but providing an unadulterated truth! Others simply scratch on the surface but we scratch on the trombone funnel, trying to make the world better and turn the entire audience into happy and glowing human beings! The three Bavarians are forming a trio which is dedicated to the chamber-traditionel avantgarde-jazz. The classic role distribution is a matter of the past. Each one of us takes over the bass-part or enjoys total freedom as a soloist. All three musicians weave deeply black guitar riffs with sensitive bubbling trumpet runs and sparkling erruptive trombone cascades. They ignore stylish blinders, distribute Bossa Nova in punk or swing or dissolve Rock in Bebop. Perhaps, if this would have been the Frank Zappy band, he would now possibly live in Bavaria behind a cow barn. Any harmonic, sound- and set-technics are of no relevance and supplemented by fantasy. The music smells of Bavarian alps, Berlin Kreuzberg, or of some hidden bar in Freising/Bavaria. It consists of three punks who understand what Jazz fans really want. This band turns every jazzclub into a sound landscape with a rhythmic pool of champagne.
Forget anything you have learned so far about Jazz and Jazz concerts. Experience sounds without borders, let yourself be massaged by an e-guitar and a mountain full of brass. Enjoy the Arnold Schwarzenegger on guitar, King Ludwig on trumpet and Angela Merkel on Jazz trombone.

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Gerhard Gschlößl – trb, sous
Norbert Bürger – g
Matthias Schriefl – trp, flgh, tuba