Brazilian Motions

“… the audience showed their enthusiasm and wouldn’t let the musicians off the stage.” Vera Marzinski/Ruhrjazz

The dynamic jazz trumpet player, Matthias Schriefl presents with his band project „Brazilian Motions" compositions of many Brazilian styles like Bossa and Samba to swing. The band’s new program is all about the topic, Mary. Patricia Cruz created Brazilian lyrics, based on the themes around Mary.

Mary is herewith presented as female deity beyond Christianity – representing the feminine divine goodness. Exclusively Schriefl compositions you can find on their CD - many Brazilian styles, easily capturing and clear without ever being trivial. The melodies are partly very simple and invite to mutual singing. Others create such an earnest and intimate atmosphere that one can only concentrate and listen with closed eyes. The sensitive mood of the songs is marked by a significant personal dedication and feelings like love, loneliness, happiness, sadness and the simple joy of life. Some of the songs are performed by the singer, Patricia Cruz from Rio de Janeiro with beautiful lyrics. The Latin-American rhythm group around Juan Camilo Villa and Rodrigo Villalon from Columbia plus the Brazilian guitarist, João Luis Nogueira Pinton always guarantee the best groove for each title and with the hot soli and topics interact the topic with joyful playing. At the same time and as a premiere are the hymns for Maria Rain and the local Schnackar Bichl performed.
The Band is a meeting of three Nationalities (Brazilian – Columbia – Alpine), but merely one mentality: A whole lot of charming, technic brilliance and an true jtr music.

“Songs about Mary changed the stage into a cabaret environment, into a bubbling witch broth and finally, the audience could hardly remain on their seats“, as reported by the venue, Kellerei/A-Ausserfern

Matthias Schriefl (tr, flh, bflh, alph, comp), Patricia Cruz (perc, voc), Henrique Gomide (piano), André De Cayres (b, e-bass), Pablo Saez (dr, perc)

Tamara Lukasheva (mel, voc), Hannah Weirich / Xandi van Dijk (viola), Peter Heidl (fl), László Kerekes / Federico Aluffi (bassoon)