Shreefpunk plus Big Band - Europa

This time with: A Big Band and two drummers! Next time: The three hundred tenors. Exclusively for earnest CD buyers: The totally private story behind the titles.

“A Bavarian Hermeto Pascoal with a social station in Cologne! Matthias Schriefel‘s music is at least as colorful and full of surprises as his personal style. Who is not blinded by sometimes humorful or unambiguous insinuations, will detect a deeply earnest and intellectual composer and trumpet player! On his CD „Europa“, each one of the eight compositions tells a complete different and steadfast story – performed by fantastic and decent musicians. “Great Joy!”
Philipp Gropper Januar 2018*

“Dear Matthias, what wonderful music I could hear on your CD „Europa“. Sometimes a bit weird and strident but then again in a very moving manner, resulting in a harmonious finish. Your compositions appear tight and yet very light and easy. The thrilling tracks carry us towards a varied ride through various music-genres, which you, like no-one else, is able to combine and turn into a comfortable end product. Numerous soli, highly unusual for instruments of this kind in a Big Band are exciting and at the same time very complex with these unusual instruments, while at the same time being in constant exchange with these great Big Band arrangements. Not a single boring second for the listener. I tried to find the track for the CD title „Europa“, and found that it presents a wonderful metaphor for the music on the CD. A whole lot of individuality can easily flow into the big work without disclaiming personal matters. Together concerted, it results in great solemnity.“ Gerhard R. Dezember 2017

“Yesterday I listened again to your Big Band/Shreefpunk CD: And I would like to express my huge admiration for this super masterpiece! The title “Europa“, promises an enormous demand which of course you can meet any time. Regardless of arrangement, composition, production, the mix, the sound variety plus the cover – I’m absolutely enthusiastic. I could also say it’s… price worthy, because it is absolutely unique. Something adequate is unknown.” Peter H. Januar 2018

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Matthias Schriefl (tp,flh, hrn, tuba, sousafon, voc), Benny Brown, Christoph Moschberger, Volker Deglmann, Matthias Knoop (tp, flh), Felix Fromm, Tobias Wember, Achim Hartmann (pos), Matthias Muche (pos, tuba), Malte Dürrschnabel (as, fl, kl, ss), Roger Hanschel (as, fl, afl. kl) , Niels Klein, Denis Gäbel (tenor-sax, kl), Benjamin Steil (bar, bass-kl, fl), Johannes Behr (git, e-git), Robert Landfermann (kb), Jens Düppe, Jonas Burgwinkel (drum sets)
Alle Saxofonisten spielen Luftballone Track 6

Kalle Kalima (e-git), Michl Engl (tuba), Peter Heidl (fl, picc), Priska Schriefl (horn), Marie-Therese Härtl (viola, voc), De Linde (cello, voc), Claudia Schwab (g), Xandi van Dijk (vl), Sebastian Gille (ts, kl), Sebastian Schnitzler (pauken)

Alle Musiker singen auf Trak 6 & 8 im Chor