Moving Krippenspielers

“It’s amazing how eight musicians, not depending upon musical or any other limits, manage to follow the credo „The Church must be modernized” with on craziness bordering amount of sheet music.” Bettina Schack NRZ

Eight persons and around 30 instruments, Christmas songs, Christmas costumes, a Christmas story, allowing ample room for creativity and inter-action on stage. Songs and some folk dances, these are the ingredients for this timeless manger presentation. You have most certainly never heard the thus presented familiar Christmas songs before. At times they are sacred arranged by the musicians and sometimes presented as Punk. Balkan meets Jazz, meets pop songs and Punk meets Samba and Afro-Beat. It’s by no means foreseeable, neither by the concert audience, nor by the actors . And of course, a story is based on every orderly manger play.

Alex Morsey - Maria, bass, tuba, nose flute and vocals
Marcel Kolvenbach - Joseph, drums and vocals
Michl Engl – archangel, bass-trombone, euphonium, tubas, contemporary dance and vocals
Simon Rummel – holy spirit, viola, keyboards, piano, melodica, dance and vocals
Claudia Schwab - morning star, fluegelhorn, violin and vocals
Bodek Janke – King Herodes, donkey, tabla, drums and vocals
Matthias Schriefl - Jesus, bariton-sax, wood, lots of metal and vocals

Guest: Johannes Bär – refugee from the East, more metal, vocals and dog-style dance