Duo Tropper / Schriefl
Foto: Reithofer Media

The duo Tropper / Schriefl is a Styrian-Allgäu work of art that breaks down all boundaries between Alpine folk music, thrash metal, Gstanzl, Indian music, Cuban mambo, Austrian pop, classical and avant-garde. With violin, guitar, flugelhorn and piano (Tropper), trumpet, flugelhorn, alphorn, euphonium, tuba and accordion (Schriefl) as well as vocals from both, Tropper and Schriefl tackle whatever you enjoy.

The many instruments ensnare each other and merge into a different duo in each piece that always tells new stories. The duo often seems more like a quartet because both musicians are capable of multitasking and quickly switch between instruments or even play two at the same time. The duo doesn't shy away from the dizzying heights of funny pieces or the deep sorrowful valleys of serious ballads. Schriefl and Tropper see themselves as tour guides who know many a strange abbreviation and some geographical peculiarities - suddenly the Allgäu is very close to India, the high Dachstein towers over to New York and the Cologne Cathedral is at the foot of the Alps. This duo is an absolute must for your cosmopolitan, curious ears, an inspiration to dare new things and go to work with joy of life.

Anna Tropper – violin, piano, guitar, flugelhorn, percussion, voice
Matthias Schriefl – trumpet, flugelhorn, euphonium, accordion, alphorn, tuba, voice