Keine Angst vor Shreefpunk

Dia Muusigar spielet zämet, wie a Diaffliager wo ba id weiß wo oba oder dunda isch.
Drzua geits no im Heftle in der CäDa dinn a Bildle, wo der Matthias als kloina Bua amole gmolet hat.
Und nadirle o a baar Späßla und viele Taktarta, dia dand, wia wännd halbete Blosmusik beim Zwifache nausgfloge isch.

No Fear of Shreefpunk

No, there is no fear, it's just too much for anybody when trying to discover how this Schriefl
was able to create something like this! Who else could have this idea of adding three more
strings - of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra no less - to the NETKASISUM TRIO and the
already by genius musicians overloaded "Orchestra"?

Please, don't overload you brains by trying to discover "Schriefl's" method. Merely accept
that this production is the works of a genius musician and composer.
An absolute "must have" for every Shreefpunk Fan! Your in the Blackforest located fan, Lisa Boulton