The band may sound as ‚gemütlich‘ as a happy cow, munching an edelweiss, but turns within seconds into a New-Orleans-Marching Band, a Pop Band with catchy hits, a classic chamber ensemble wearing Mozart wigs or into an Alpine version by Tom Waits.
Many of the pieces are written by Matthias Schriefl in an altitude of more than 2000 meters and partly inspired by ancient Alpine folk songs. They are full of bizarre ideas but remain despite the widely theoretic background in every sound and gesture anti-elitist and passionate.
The instruments are not only played, they and voices are also played with - as children might play. Having fun with music and yet discovering the full depth and creativity. .
Featured singer, Tamara Lukasheva understands and is able to use her voice like an instrument, applying enormous dynamics and sound colors, thus enriching the character of each piece.

Am Schnackar Bichl:


Ameisen in Stockholm: