Indeed, what a mixture! The Band is Columbian – Indian – Westphalian – Alpine. All though the Westphalian thinks, that he may be merely allowed to participate because of his decor: but after all, it’s Alex Morsey one of the most versatile bass players in Europe. Not only as bass player unique with his totally own sound, he is also an excellent singer who among other voice techniques, masters also the Mongolian voice technique. He is a most sought after tubist since he is able to transmit the accompanying techniques from bass to tube. The Columbian drummer, Rodrigo Villalon feels at home in the entire world: he plays with the Who is who of the New York Latin-Jazz-scene and plays, due to his unmistakable groove in numerous European and South-American Bands. Emphasis is Brazilian, Cuban, Venezuela and of course Colombian popular music. A drummer whose positive energy, should be experienced by every audience at least once in their life. Also participating are two, presently the boldest Indian musicians: Amith Nadig, considered as best player of the virtuous-flute of Indian classic music and playing with the sub-continents best musicians. But Amith Nadig wasn’t satisfied with merely the concentration on his own very complex culture: During this concert he also plays among other Samba, Blues and Mambo pieces - and he yodels in his Indian manner. The same comes true with Niveditha Sharma, a Carnatic dancer, who also crosses the border of her own genre. The Carnatic art of dancing is known to express with their faces any human emotions. Other than that, the dancers master the complicated rhythms as perfect as the musicians and are able to sing and drum the songs just as well. And added to this performance came the wide travelled Alpine musician, Matthias Schriefl who had during his concert tour through India just been awarded the World Music Award Ruth. He had composed titles which not only united South-American but also Indian rhythms with European and jazz harmonic. One could also say: Type Alpine Music!

Amith Nadig - flutes, voice, Matthias Schriefl - brass, voice, Alex Morsey - bass, tube, voice
Rodrigo Villalon - drums, percussion, Nivedita Sharma – dance, voice