January 2018
February 2018
  • Hamburg

  • Tonstudio

March 2018
April 2018
  • Lana

  • Workshop

  • Köln

  • Stadtgarten

  • CCJO feat. Markus Geiselhart + Matthias Schriefl, Don Ellis Programm

May 2018
  • Köln

  • Philharmonie Freihafen

  • mit Roland Peil u.a.

June 2018
  • Nürnberg

  • Duo mit Izabella Effenberg

July 2018
September 2018
November 2018
  • Düsseldorf

  • Johanneskirche

  • 20 Jahre Sounds of Jazz


Matthias Schriefl, born 1981 grew up in Maria Rain, located at the edge of the Alps. From 2000 until 2005 he studied in Cologne and Amsterdam. Ever since 2006 he organizes the concert series Jazz-O-Rama at the Art-theater in Cologne. Followed by the tours with his Band Shreefpunk as „Rising Star”, of the European Concert Hall Organization from 2008 until 2010 in Europe’s great concert halls. After this tour, he decided to experience foremost with alpine music. In 2012, ACT released a series of „Young German Jazz“, with the repeatedly awarded album “Six, Alps & Jazz”. From then on, new CD-recordings with various bands in which he, as musician and composer wrote the compositions, fitting his fellow musicians like neoprene suits.
Schriefl, is mostly living in Cologne and at times in the German Alpine region. His musical curiosity is leading him time and again to lengthy educational trips through India and various African and South-American countries where he studied their music traditions. In 2016, his versatile engagement was rewarded with the World-Music Award RUTH in Rudolstadt. He knows and loves big venues but values also the regular concert locations in smaller, rural areas where he presents his jazz to the local audiences.

Awards and honors:
• 2006 WDR-Jazz-award for improvisation
• 2008 Announced as Rising Star“, recommended by the Cologne Philharmonic
• 2008 NRW Promotion Price for compositions, conducting, instrument music
2012 German records award
• 2016 World music award RUTH in

Press reports, opinions and views
“Schriefls art offers adventure and invites us to a new way of listening” The Jury Promotion Price NRW for composition, leadership, instrumental-music




PR contact:
ButMo Communications
Monika Schumacher
cell phone +49 (0) 151 587 87 180